SDCC 2012: Twitter-verse Questions with Bryan Q Miller

Q: What do you like best about writing Chloe and Oliver?
A: Everything. They are a lot of fun. For peope who get the reference, there’s a little Hart to Hart that comes in there, or some Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Chloe and Oliver, very much in love. Very much dedicated to their individual pursuits and trying to find a way to kind of make married life work. It’s usually not as easy as it looks. [x]

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Living without love is not really living, it’s sort of just…existing.
—Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (via loveandrocketsalexander)

[Oliver/Green Arrow] brought a maturity, intelligence and danger that our show needed, especially after Michael [Rosenbaum] left. - Allison Mack CBSWatchMagazine 2011

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First unofficial meet Arrow 6X04

Chloe: Yeah, this could take a little while.