Chloe&Oliver ” AU-Rule the World”

Really love this video

AU Chloe (WT) and Oliver (GA) have a stable loving relationship, but one day Chloe is mortally wounded. Oliver is not to lose hope and remembers the good and bad times lived with Chloe

Chloe can it be saved?

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New video: Chloe ღ Oliver || Set Fire to the Third Bar || Chlollie (por YaliWeasleyVids)

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Chloe and Oliver
“What Makes You Da One”


Chlollie (Chloe and Oliver) — Bang Bang [Masquerade]

reposting it for Masquerade Anniversary!

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Chlollie (Chloe and Oliver) - Paradise [vidders4acause]

Watch in HD

vid by yotb0ka

This one is for Aria, who bid very generously on me during the auction at vidders4acause. I could not believe in the amount you bid the first time. When I saw it, I was like :O for a while, totally blown away. Thank you very much, Aria for your generosity and patience with me. It took me a while but I finally got it done! In the end I used one of the first songs you suggested :) I had to make a Chloe POV with this song.  I hope I did the song justice and  that you like the final result and sorry for being a pitch shift version, yt blocked it almost everywhere. You can watch the original version here:

And to my other bidder - since I’ve promised to make two - Sofia, your vid is on it’s way, probably posting it next month! Stupid RL and muse getting in the way of vidding it.

think I might take the bid winners vid too seriously, that’s probably why it takes more time to make them…  Sorry about the rant! Hopefully people will enjoy it. 

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[Smallville] Chloe Sullivan + Chlollie - Stand In The Rain

Song suggest by Lucy (lula18)

vid by me

And big thanks to Mala (c-silvers), for listening to my rants! :)

Maybe someone will enjoy this little monster, lol, as  I call it my Frankenstein  vid. 1/2 of it done 9 months ago and only finished the other half now lol. Things change lol.

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Chloe & Oliver (Chlollie) “Never Let Me Go” - ChlollieCollabs


Chloe & Oliver • It’s Chemistry • [Smallville] (by energis121)

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chlollie {chloe/oliver} without you

Chloe and Oliver[CHLOLLIE]- ** Safe ** by

Hope you guys enjoy! thanks for watching :D …Better in HD :)

Smallville: Chloe & Oliver - Its You

Smallville: Chloe & Oliver - Its You by ChloeSQ



Chlollie (Chloe and Oliver) - Where You Are || Happy one year anniversary to our adorable blondes!

This vid was made for  Kayla’s (daydreamer22688) bday since I promised I would make one if she wrote me a fic for mine , but I’m uploading it earlier, one day before her bday because today is the one year anniversary of Chlolllie wedding, when they aired Fortune. 
If any of you have a song to suggest, feel free to do it so, I would really appreciate the help :) 
Just post it or them HERE or drop it on my ask box HERE.

And Happy early bday to Kayla!

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Smallville: Chloe/Oliver - It’s always darkest before the dawn;

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