otp challenge: 10/10 scenes - Oliver and Chloe - Smallville 10.15 Fortune 

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Oliver: You know, you got to admit, I know how to treat a girl on date night.
Chloe: Sure, next week, do you think maybe we could just grab some Thai food and catch a movie?
Oliver: That sounds like a good plan, but for tonight, you're gonna have to settle for stream satellite video.
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They’re both deeply broken people who found their missing pieces in each other. - Bryan Q. Miller

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Chloe/Oliver in "Smallville: Lantern", chapters 1-4 [x]

We’re just looking into a mysterious robbery.
- We’re sleuthing. Sleuthing’s save as houses.
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Chloe&Oliver ” AU-Rule the World”

Really love this video

AU Chloe (WT) and Oliver (GA) have a stable loving relationship, but one day Chloe is mortally wounded. Oliver is not to lose hope and remembers the good and bad times lived with Chloe

Chloe can it be saved?

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Smallville 6.04 Arrow

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Title: Green Arrow’s First Serious Injury (2/2)
Category: romance, hurt/comfort
Characters/Pairing: Chloe/Oliver; Emil
Spoilers: Up through Escape; occurs some time after Escape and before Sacrifice
Rating: NC-17

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“I take it back. This is even better than my candystriper fantasy.” )

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Favorite TV Show Ships

11/? Chloe Sullivan and Oliver Queen

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Smallville Season 11: Lantern digital #2+3[ x 

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Oliver : Just promise me, if trouble finds us, we don’t need to sit on our hands.

Chloe : … We certainly won’t run from a fight.

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learning, growth and harmony

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